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Simz Shout
Cheats and Tips

All the Cheats that make life simple...

rosebud - Replaces klapaucius if you have the Sims Updater or Livin' Large installed.

klapaucius - Gives you 1000 Simoleons

! - Repeats the last entered cheat (For example, typing !;!;! enough times to fill the text box will give you the cheat 30 times = 30,000 Simoleons).

set_hour - (Values 1-24)

sim_speed - (Values -1000 - +1000)

water_tool - enables the water tool

grow_grass - (VALUES 0-150)

interests - Views selected Sims personalitys that aren`t listed in the menu

autonomy (Values 0-100) - How much the Sims think on their own

route_balloons on - Self explainitory

route_balloons off - Self explainitory

sweep - Shows the "ticks" in the game (Values on/off)

draw_all_frames - Self explanitory

tile_info - Self explanitory

map_edit on - Self explainitory

map_edit off - Self explainitory

bubble_tweak [z offset] - Sets the z value used to offset the sims' thought bubbles

draw_all_frames - Draw all animation frames, without skipping to keep up

draw_floorable - Turn the floorable grid on and off

draw_routes [on|off] - Draw colored dots on selected person's path

edit_grass [increment] - Turn on mode for editing grass tiles.
Increment sets number value by which to change the grass history - Writes out the family history of the current family. If file is not specified, the default is used

log_mask [mask] - Sets the event logging mask

move_objects on - Turn on or off allowing the user to move any object

prepare_lot - Checks for required objects on the current lot and deletes come and see me objects

preview_anims - Turns on/off animation preview mode

rotation [0|1|2|3] - Set absolute world rotation

route_balloons - Turn on or off the display of routing debug balloons

sim_log [begin|end] - Start and stop the sim logging

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