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Simz Shout

Skins made by Jon Frog

Im looking for a co-partner who will be willing to submit all his/her Skins to this site, no other skills are needed and all credit will go to you, if you may be interested E-mail me at jon_frog@lineone.net, with the subject Job application, and the same goes for Objects, Thanx

Black Dress
A Long Sleeved Black
dress with silver
and Blue Pendant
Black Polo
A Black Polo for men
with silver box design
and dog tags
Trendy Boy
A trendy T-shirt
and Jeans combo
that no boy could do without
Stripey Top
A Black, Grey and White
Stripey top for
a young Boy
Yellow Dress
A yellow summer dress
with bright stipes
and bangles
Mutant Boy
A Boy Mutant from
the local sewage works
escaped into your game!

More Skins coming soon, If you would like to use these skins on another site you MUST ask for permission